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Dr. Jennifer Nash joins host Felicia G. Harris on the EverythingHR Podcast. Dr. Nash is founder and CEO of Nash Consulting & Associates based in Michigan. Dr. Nash is passionate about helping leaders and their teams become more successful. She combines 25 years of industry and consulting experience to inspire leaders in powerful new ways of seeing, thinking, and performing. She is an executive coach, leadership development expert and published author whose research focuses on the intersection of executive coaching, relationships and emotional intelligence.

Relationships form the foundation of everything we do in life - from establishing friendships, building social networks, influencing professional relationships, coaching and mentoring others, and more. People who interact well with others tend to be more successful in life.

But if relationship intelligence is so critical to success, why does it seem to be so rare?

There are several key reasons for this gap: 1) most people focus solely on building their technical skills; 2) people lack awareness of and exposure to relationship intelligence; and 3) organizations often prioritize easy-to-measure ‘hard’ skills over the difficult-to-quantify ‘soft’ skills.

In this podcast, Dr. Nash shares her insights on why technical skills alone are not sufficient in today’s technology-enabled, connected, and VUCA world; how relationship intelligence links to happiness, health, and success; and which factors contribute to resonant, quality, and effective relationships.

How to Improve Relationships through Emotional Intelligence

Relationships are vitally important to our productivity, well-being and happiness. Each of us has positive and negative relationships needing enhancement or refinement. So how do you improve the quality of your relationships? In this talk at Harvard University, Dr. Jennifer Nash guides you through the process. Based on her empirical doctoral work, Jennifer shares research-based strategies for how to develop quality relationships on both personal and professional dimensions, expand your emotional intelligence capabilities, and facilitate the art and practice of building quality relationships. Target audience includes executive coaches, academics, practitioners, medical professionals, and anyone interested in advancing the quality of their relationships.

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Dr. Stefan Hendriks, Owner/CEO
Hendriks & Company
Chair of Papers, 2018 Columbia Coaching Conference
New York, New York, USA

"Jennifer presented her research on the relationship between relational climate and the quality of the coaching relationship at the sold-out 2018 Columbia University Coaching Conference. With her research, she contributed to what we know about systemic coaching and showed how shared vision, compassion and relational energy between the coach and client are positively correlated with coaching relationship quality. Her presentation was clear, fluid and insightful. She has an ability to engage with the audience effortlessly and makes it an interactive and memorable experience."

Monica Rigney, Former Director
Leadership and Organization Development, Pitney Bowes
Alumna, Columbia Coaching Program
New York, New York, USA

“Jennifer is an exceptional practitioner-scholar in the field of executive coaching. Her recent research on building an effective relational climate between the coach and his/her client gave me the inspiration to re-examine my practices in building successful client relationships. Jennifer also has the gift of sharing academic data in layperson’s terms, having seen her present at prestigious coaching conferences such as Harvard University and Columbia University. I look forward to collaboration opportunities with Jennifer as she continues to grow her global executive coaching and consulting practice.”


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